Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vocal Chords

The following is a song that discusses the topic of radio rap.Radio rap has long commercialized the Rap industry and monetized the idea of pop culture over deep bass lines and shimmering vocals. a Hip-hop pureist would argue that radio rap isn’t really Hip-Hop. While,that Hip-Hop purest argues; Recording Artist, C.FIERCE delivers a strong dissertation on the previously mentioned topic using the famed art of rhyme.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Procrastination Hinders Success

Procrastination hinders success. I know this because the minute that I started to give it my all; I began to see results. as of this past month I am now being followed by one of my all time favorite rappers. A man once just known to many as Brandon. now a man known to the world as YMCMB Recording Artist Caskey. if there is ever a time to be thankful for anything in life, now, at this very moment in time I, am thankful to the gentleman pictured below.the voice of one of the most proverbially transcendent compilation projects of all time ; The Transient Classics

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bring your A game

Real quick, a lot of people do music these days. A LOT. Everyone has an artist or is a beat maker or a producer or a DJ. Being that there is no real board certification in this industry anyone can step up and say "I Am" and "I  have" yet are not and have not. The advent of technology has allowed people to work from home and create this fairy tale world and make people believe there story is so incredibly important that they need to be heard, which is only human nature. Fine I get it. Just bring your A game. This market I so saturated that the turnover rate almost exceeds the employment rate. 
Thus the need to raise the bar. 
Ok so you think your different , well so do the million plus Americans pursuing the exact same career path that you are. 
Here are a few tips to "rise above" so-to- speak.
1. Take vocal/instrument lessons along with music theory.
2. Surround yourself with Positive hard-working individuals Studying the same field as you.
3. Network your ass off. Then network some more.
4. Promote. People won't know what you have unless you show them
5. Don't push 100 songs. pick one and go with it. 
6.Foot work. Get out and grind by covering all the areas that you haven't .
7. Don't ever let anyone convince you that it will not work.
8. Start school and study a second career to supplement income because music is an expensive hobby and a very good paying hobby once you're established. 
9. Only work with artists that you like and do things that please you . Use both your heart and your head.
10. Give back .
people love to buy but they hate to be sold. If they can independently identify your character then the product sells itself.
11. Wash.Rinse.Repeat

There you have it. Now go be successful. be sure to check out my website for great new music 
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P.S. If I can do it so can you.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Myself and Music

In this first video I talk about entering the music industry and invite you to join me on my journey through the life and times of being a thriving indie music professional and content creator. Absorb and Enjoy.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

For the love of Trap

This first instrumental I created encompasses low end bass in place of the kick drum and trap style hats as well as a pronounced string progression in the upper middle register. The chorus melody combines a hard uptempo piano rap melody that  really sets the stage for the lyricist to have a very commanding hook or chorus yet remains versatile enough for spoken word or just about what ever else can be thrown at it. the backing pad is a custom synth that i put into most of my music to give it some uniqueness and create a warmer ambiance.

From being a remake to something completely satisfying and still repetitive enough to write a great song over, I give you Understatement.
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